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Our High Definition Digital LED Mobile Trucks provide your business the highest degree of visibility & maximum impact to potential customers when they are ready to spend. We engage viewers through an immersive experience & a strategically targeted approach. We literally Drive Traffic to your Business !!

Why Unhinged Media?

Did you know that a customer needs to see your brand at least 7 times before making a purchasing decision?

Our LED Billboard Trucks pass through high-traffic areas ten times per day, and we always make sure to stop at events, boardwalks, and town centers to give you maximum exposure.

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About Us

Here at Unhinged Media, we’re absolutely crazy about advertising. We love to attract attention (don’t we all?), and we live to help other companies stand out and succeed. Our mission is to create innovative advertising solutions that challenge conventions and drive growth.
We believe that it's good to be a little unhinged-- but rest assured, we're dead serious about helping your business.
Unhinged Media is a subsidiary division of Cohen Ventures, a Maryland-based company with a combined 25+ year track record of successfully balancing risk & opportunity and creating value.